How to Make a Unique Soccer Banner Design

Over the World, there are different sports and over a million sports teams. Sports teams take reasonable care when trying to create the sport team banners. Banners are an essential part of football teams.

Team sports banners are to pass messages about the team most of the time. The flag would give information of what the group stands for, and most times, it carries the team’s logo.

Team banners, also known as team posters, are an affordable way to celebrate a sports team. It is usually displayed at the home ground to keep the school spirit rising.

Sports teams that use this kind of poster are soccer, baseball, football, softball, and some e-sports games.

To make a detailed team sports banner, you have to put the ideas together so the flag can be detailed. Some of the pictures to help make the best poster are below. Read on!

How to Make a Soccer Banner Design

Get a Picture of the Team

One of the easiest ways to create a team sports banner is to get a picture of the full team together. If you cannot get a general view, you can use individual photographs to edit them together.

To get a picture good enough for a team banner, it is best to get a professional photographer, but you can do it yourself if you have a good camera. The bottom line is the picture has to be too quality.

Choose the Design

Choosing a sports banner design is first decided by asking yourself how you want the background. The best background ideas for team banners are relating to the sport the team plays.

Another thing you should consider is the things you want to reflect on the banner. Some of the things you can include are the team’s name, team’s logo, players’ names, and numbers.

Get the Design Ready

After getting a top-quality team photo and design ideas, you can use design tools on design applications to design the banner you want.

Another option is to meet a professional designer; if you cannot do it yourself, you tell the designer all the designs you have developed, and he can display it on the background you want and add other techniques to make it like your wish.

Choose the size of the Banner

Maybe sports banners are wide to show the full team. Some of the most common wide sizes are 60″ × 36″ and 72″ × 36″. These sizes are wide enough to take the full team picture. Settling for a smaller size might not go for the whole team picture and pass a wrong message.

Choose Additional Options for the Banner

The purpose of the banner would decide the options. If it is a banner to be hung at the home ground, you can consider adding grommets to the banner’s edges so you can use it to hang the banner.

You can also add pole pockets if you want to use the banner at rallies so people can hold the poles and the flag would be visible. You can also use the pole pockets to hole it to the ground with the bars.

Most teams prefer the pole pockets to grommets because grommets need ropes and can get spoiled quickly because of the hole present, but pole pockets hold the banner firmly and to the ground.

Benefits of Soccer Banner

The soccer banner design is a directional sign and a symbol of solidarity among the youngest age groups.

Players seeing their pictures on the poster creates a sense of belonging for the players, making them know the club sees them as family. It can also serve as a good backdrop for team photos.

Soccer fans love a good soccer banner. They take pictures at the front when they visit the stadium. Some people use it as wallpapers on their phones, and some put a copy in their room.

Features of a Good Soccer Banner

The first thing to be noted is the quality of the design. The soccer banner design must be beautiful and expressive. It should be vivid in its expressions.

Another essential feature is durability because the banner would be outdoor in most cases, so the material needs to be too quality.

The banner can get wet and messy from being packed under soccer equipment in the store. Sometimes it can get spoilt by the way players of fans handle it. Durability is why it is better to use vinyl. Vinyl is the widely accepted material for sports banners because it is not heavy, and it is vital.


Team sports banners or posters are essential for the team because they can give an idea of the team’s standard. You should allow professional designers to make soccer banners because of their expertise. The soccer team can add staff to make good banner designs and change them when they are outdated.