Interesting Facts about Softball

Softball started in 1887 when a Take supporter who was waiting for a football match to commence threw a boxing glove at his opposition supporter from Harvard in Chicago.

The person supporting Havard then took a stick, swung it, and used it to play the boxing glove.

There and then, George Hancock yelled, “play ball.” This marks the first softball game played at the Farragut Boat Club in 1887. The bat and ball were designed in the coming weeks, and softball creation was credited to George Hancock.

Softball bases are 60 Feet apart compared to that of Baseball, which is 90 Feet

Many people refer to softball as a baseball for women, but there is a huge difference between seemingly related sport. Softball was initially planned to assist baseball players in honing their skills indoors in the cold winter months.

Here are a few differences; softball diamond is smaller compared to that of a baseball. The base of a softball is 60ft apart while that of baseball is 90 feet apart.

A year after softball was formed, precisely 1888, it became an outdoor sport with is rules published a year after.

The first softball ever used comes with a 16-inch circumference while that of baseball is about 9 inches. Later, it was changed to 12-inch for fastpitch and 11-inch for slowpitch softball. While the fast-pitch softball has nine fielders, just like the baseball, the slowpitch softball has ten fielders.

If you are not used to softball, you may not know the difference between softball and baseball. But, as a fan who carries softball team banners to show your support, you will easily spot the differences between both games. Read More “Interesting Facts about Softball”