Interesting Facts about Softball

Softball started in 1887 when a Take supporter who was waiting for a football match to commence threw a boxing glove at his opposition supporter from Harvard in Chicago.

The person supporting Havard then took a stick, swung it, and used it to play the boxing glove.

There and then, George Hancock yelled, “play ball.” This marks the first softball game played at the Farragut Boat Club in 1887. The bat and ball were designed in the coming weeks, and softball creation was credited to George Hancock.

Softball bases are 60 Feet apart compared to that of Baseball, which is 90 Feet

Many people refer to softball as a baseball for women, but there is a huge difference between seemingly related sport. Softball was initially planned to assist baseball players in honing their skills indoors in the cold winter months.

Here are a few differences; softball diamond is smaller compared to that of a baseball. The base of a softball is 60ft apart while that of baseball is 90 feet apart.

A year after softball was formed, precisely 1888, it became an outdoor sport with is rules published a year after.

The first softball ever used comes with a 16-inch circumference while that of baseball is about 9 inches. Later, it was changed to 12-inch for fastpitch and 11-inch for slowpitch softball. While the fast-pitch softball has nine fielders, just like the baseball, the slowpitch softball has ten fielders.

If you are not used to softball, you may not know the difference between softball and baseball. But, as a fan who carries softball team banners to show your support, you will easily spot the differences between both games.

Softball is played in more than 140 Countries

On the international level, softball is governed by the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC). Their mandate is to oversee the affairs of all softball associations in over 140 countries. The WBSC was founded in 2013 with its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

You Can Pitch a Softball Fast or Slow

Softball has two major recognized styles of play, either the fastpitch or slowpitch. In the case of a fastpitch softball, it is played with s slightly bigger softball, which adds to its heaviness. The slowpitch uses a lightweight softball.

Another difference between a fastpitch and slowpitch softball is the field size. For a fastpitch, the field size is slightly smaller compared to the slowpitch. At the international and national level, only the fastpitch softball is played.

The Softball World Championship comes up Every Two Years

Though you won’t get to play or watch softball at the Olympics, international play is done yearly with the male and female team played alternate years. At these competitions, you can attend to display your softball banner in support of your team or country they represent.

The women’s softball championship is held every even-numbered year while the men are held every odd-numbered year.

Softball presently has 197 Players inducted into its Hall of Fame

There are presently 197 players in the softballs hall of fame, and they were inducted by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA). The hall of fame also comprises of coaches and umpires who have performed remarkably well at some point in their careers. The total number of players in the hall of fame is 28 while the rest 169 are non-players.

The Hall of Fame started in 1973, including players and non-players who have played from around 1941.

There Is Only One 16-Inch Softball Player in the Hall of Fame

Among the 28 players in the Hall of Fame, only one player named Eddie Zolna played the 16-Inch Softball. He was inducted in 1989 after winning 12 national titles and three most valuable player MVP awards in national championships.

In the 2000 Olympics, history was made as The First Softball No-Hitter emerged

In the summer Olympics, Lori Harrigan set a new world softball record by hitting a solo no-hitter. She was representing his country America and playing against Canada. She is arguably the best softball player of all time because she performed an amazing feat.


As a softball fan who usually loves to show your support with a softball banner and softball banner team, you will love these quick facts. These quick facts will undoubtedly increase your love for the game of softball.

Remember, softball is derived from baseball with slight differences, which we have mentioned earlier in this article. Also, there are two types of softball being played, the fastpitch and slowpitch.

Currently, softball is not allowed in the Olympics but played nationally and internationally. However, moves are being made to bring back softball to the Olympics. Go out there and support your team with your softball banner.